How SkuVault's Inventory Management System works with Solid Commerce

How SkuVault's Inventory Management System works with Solid Commerce

The Solid Commerce-SkuVault integration enables online retailers to sync inventory counts between their warehouse (via SkuVault) and 30+ online channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart & many others (via Solid Commerce).

As inventory is added or depleted from either your warehouse or any of your online channels, the Solid Commerce-SkuVault integration will keep inventory counts in all your locations in sync. Additionally, the integration will enable you to use SkuVault’s PO generation feature to automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers when your inventory runs low reducing the risk of stock-outs. Avoiding stock-outs ensures that you never miss out on a potential sale and protects your seller rating with your marketplaces.


Benefits of the Solid Commerce & SkuVault integration

Solid Commerce is fully integrated with SkuVault allowing retailers to seamlessly combine SkuVault’s warehouse management functionality with the advanced listing, inventory & pricing functionality of Solid Commerce.  

Solid Commerce’s key features include:

  • Listings Management – Bulk list your product catalog to all the major online channels (Amazon, eBay, Walmart & 30+ others).
  • Inventory Management – Avoid stock-outs and underselling; automatically allocate inventory across channels.
  • Drop-shipping Automation – Automate product data, inventory levels, orders; tracking between your dropship suppliers & online channels.
  • Automatic Repricer - Beat your competitors while protecting your profit margins with the Solid Commerce’s smart repricer. You can auto-reprice thousands of products at a time.
  • Shipping Management – Automatically ship orders using pre-set shipping rules from any of the major carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS and more), and feed tracking information back to your online channels.
  • Listing Services –  list your products to the major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet and others.
SkuVault ♥ Solid Commerce

SkuVault ♥ Solid Commerce

This integration combines the best of SkuVault’s warehouse management capabilities with Solid Commerce’s advanced listing & inventory capabilities to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart & others.

Additionally, the integration between both platforms helps reduce the risk of stock-outs across all your online channels through a robust inventory management system. Sellers’ status on the major marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Jet can be negatively impacted by selling products that are out of stock. The ability to automatically update your inventory levels and automate your shipping will help keep your seller status healthy, and your customers happy.