Aspects of the Walmart & SkuVault integration

Inventory Sync - Incremental sync that runs every 5-10 minutes, sending any quantities that were updated in SkuVault since the previous sync ran.


Full Inventory Sync - Exhaustive quantity update for all matching SKUs on Walmart. 


Full Inventory Sync Time - Set a time for the Full Inventory Sync to run. The sync will run at that time both am and pm, so, for example, setting it to 11:00 means it will run at both 11am and 11pm.


Order Sync - The integration will pull in all new sales from the connected Walmart store. Enabling this for the first time should first pull in all open sales, so these are sales that would be created in SkuVault as Pending or Ready To Ship.


Fulfillment Lag Time - This is the number of days it takes your store to fulfill an order for your items. In SkuVault it can be set to 0,1, or 2. Whichever option you choose will be sent to products along with quantity when the inventory syncs run.


Acknowledge Sales - Walmart has a system where orders need to be acknowledged by someone in Walmart or an integration (such as SkuVault). Turning this option on will send an acknowledgement for any orders pulled.


Benefits of the Walmart & SkuVault integration

Take full advantage of this huge (& growing!) front-end selling platform by utilizing this seamless back-end integration. No matter how many channels you sell on in addition to Walmart, with SkuVault, you don't have to worry about keeping your inventory quantities accurate across all those channels and within your warehouse. Your inventory can now be real-time and your pickers can get your inventory out the door & to your customers faster than ever before.