Hyper Picking and Warehouse Management

"Hyper Picking" Order Picking Feature

Skuvault's new Bin & Hyper Picking system takes digital order picking to a whole new level. We make it easier than ever to create warehouse picking lists efficiently and effectively. You’ll be able to automate your picking sessions by using filters in order to select what you need fulfilled. If you use a bins system, Hyper Picking will allow you to have the option of picking based on the capacity of bins in a cart.


How does SkuVault Warehouse Management System use Hyper Picking?

You will have the option of creating filters to pull picklists. You can assign filters to specific employees and immediately populate their picklists instead of having to manually create them. This will save you time and resources and allow you to run your warehouse as efficiently as possible. 

SkuVault Warehouse Management System

Benefits of using SkuVault's Hyper Picking

By utilizing Hyper Picking you will save significant time on assigning picklists to employees while also ensuring the accuracy of what needs to be picked off of your warehouse floor. You'll have control of picking based on what is a priority.