What do you mean by "picking", anyway?

Picking refers to an order fulfillment process whereby an item is selected, or "picked" from a location against a pick list, and then brought to either quality control (to ensure item is correct / intact / etc.) or shipping (to be packed and sent off to the customer). Picking, owing to its monotonous nature, is a task very prone to human error, and with older inventory systems (or no inventory system - egads!), lacking barcode scanning and locations support, it can be a very time-consuming, labor intensive task as well. With the right inventory system (ahem), picking can be a breeze for your warehouse workers.


How does SkuVault fit into the picking process?

You can set up custom pick list rules - like assigning sale postal codes to certain warehouses - and you can pick paperlessly in a process we call interactive wave picking, or you can print your pick lists. We make picking as dummy-proof as possible. Our user interface is crazy-simple; your pickers scan the product barcode and then scan the location barcode, and that's it. They only deviate from that routine if they pick the wrong product / quantity of product for their current batch of orders, in which case they'll get a nice jolt with an error pop-up, accompanied by an obnoxious sound (optional, but effective!). SkuVault can also generate efficient pick lists, should you choose to use them, which direct your pickers around your warehouse in order by location. Not a big fan of locations / not sure why we're wielding that word as if it has some special meaning? Read on!


Your picking process, improved with SkuVault and locations.

Locations, locations, locations. Locations are the best, and here's why: they allow you to put your products wherever the heck you want (typically, wherever you have extra space in your warehouse), without having to worry about manually rearranging the product when you get more in, or being unable to find quantities. When you label your locations (cubbies, tubs, baskets, shelves, whatever) with barcode labels, and then scan your products into those locations with SkuVault, you'll never have to pointlessly reallocate your "T-Z" products when you get a new shipment of Star Wars lunch boxes in. Put your lunch boxes wherever you have room - SkuVault will keep track of the locations for you.