What is a product status?

The SkuVault Product Status feature allows you to categorize your individual inventory items by unique descriptions, details, or helpful notes. Essentially, for those of you familiar with social media, you can think of product statuses as hash tags for your inventory. Much like how hash tags categorize social media posts, product statuses categorize individual inventory based upon the product status you give them.


Product status use cases

If a couple of items are “popular holiday sellers”, you can put a “popular holiday seller” label on those specific items. Typing the keywords “popular holiday seller” into the search bar will bring up a product list of all of the items labeled with this status. Do you have a couple of inventory items that you know have a 2-3 day shipping delay? By adding a “2-3 day shipping delay” status to these items, you can quickly review which products have this shipping issue. It’s a way for you to customize and label your inventory with your own personalized notes. While SkuVault is automated inventory software, it’s still allows room for your own personal customization.


Benefits of using SkuVault's product statuses

SkuVault is software that is capable of growing with your company. It streamlines the inventory management process, but still gives you numerous customizable options and features. As your company evolves, SkuVault adapts. Think of it as customized automation. SkuVault has the power to revolutionize your inventory management process, and in doing so, put the power of real-time quantity updates, advanced sales data, and quality control in the palm of your hand.