What is the Replenishment Report?

Imagine being able to generate a detailed report that informs you of all inventory levels that are below your desired quantity. For example, you like to keep 10 of your best selling item available to sell at all times, but you currently only have 3 left in stock. Now imagine being able to replenish all of those low inventory levels with the click of a button. The replenishment report feature allows for just that: accurate inventory levels and replenishment accessible from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.


Benefits of using the Replenishment Report

We want to provide our customers with peace of mind, and we believe that the replenishment report feature is capable of doing just that. Never again worry if you have enough of your most popular selling items in stock, or if you need to order more from a supplier. Let the detailed replenishment report tell you when you’re running low, or when to reorder. Do you have enough of an item in one warehouse, but have an overstock of the same item in another warehouse? Seamlessly transfer inventory from warehouse to warehouse using the replenishment report feature with no hassle. The quantities will automatically update in SkuVault to let you know how much you have in each warehouse. Breathe easy. With SkuVault, your inventory is replenished, reordered, and updated automatically.


How SkuVault uses the Replenishment Report

The Replenishment Report feature utilizes three key components:

  • Reorder Points are the ideal quantity of a certain piece of inventory that you want to have in your warehouse. For example, you set your reorder point to 5 for a specific product, but after a sale you only have 2 left in your warehouse. The replenishment report will automatically notify you of the low quantity and advise you to order more.
  • Incremental Quantities are the quantities your supplier requires you to order a product by. If you can only order a product in quantities of 5, you can customize the Replenishment Report to only order in quantities of 5 from that specific supplier.
  • Minimum Order Quantities are the minimum amount of quantities you can order from a supplier. Some suppliers will not let you order unless you order more than 5 of a specific item.

All of these items can be completely customized in the replenishment report to fit your specific selling needs. After these settings are imported into the report, inventory quantities and reordering become a synchronized, streamlined process that reduces mis-ships, out-of-stocks, and oversells.