"Sales" is a pretty broad category - what aspect of sales?

SkuVault can assist with many aspects of sales, including: sourcing, re-ordering, pulling your orders from your various channels, generating pick lists, viewing all pending and ready-to-ship sales from all channels in one location, quality control, holds, daily dealsbrand / class sales reporting, and more. If any of the above features were hyperlinked, you can read about them on their dedicated pages by clicking them. For the features not hyperlinked, read on to learn more!


How does SkuVault fit into the sales process?

When an order is placed on any of your marketplaces, that order is pulled automatically into SkuVault via your integrated channel (Amazon, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, ShipWorks, etc.). Pulling that order gives SkuVault the data it needs to generate reports, which is really where the system shines in regards to sales. SkuVault is able to recognize and lay out in these reports certain trends by brand, product type, marketplace, and more, which allow you to make more informed purchasing decisions.


Benefits of using SkuVault in sales.

Without accurate data, sourcing and re-ordering is a minefield. SkuVault's re-order reports help to de-mystify the re-ordering process by breaking down your data into action points that will help to keep you in that Goldilocks inventory - not too few quantities, but not too much, either. With View Sales, you can see all your pending and ready-to-ship sales from all your online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, your Shopify webstore, etc.) in one place. No more logging in and out of all your accounts - SkuVault is your all-in-one hub, and is easy for your buyers, marketplace experts, warehouse workers, and customer service representatives to navigate.