Shipping's a big category - what precisely do you mean?

It's true that shipping entails a lot. With SkuVault, our intention wasn't to reinvent the wheel - that's why we integrate with so many awesome shipping applications. That said, SkuVault does have some sweet features geared specifically toward making shipping more manageable. SkuVault generates pick lists that can double as packing slips, advanced reporting lets you see all ready-to-ship orders from all your marketplaces simultaneously, and our quality control features help to prevent those pesky mis-ships. When it comes to the actual, literal act of shipping itself though, we let our shipping integrations do their thing, as detailed below.


How does SkuVault help the shipping process?

SkuVault pushes locations into your shipping software (ShipWorks, ShipStation), so that you can use your invoices as viable pick lists. SkuVault can also pull your orders via your shipping software and generate efficient pick lists that can double as packing slips. There's more going on than just pulling and pushing with our shipping integrations - SkuVault can sync your order status and weight, as well as (and this is a big one) your quantities.


Benefits of using SkuVault's shipping integration.

The integration with your shipping software allows SkuVault to provide you with a true available quantity, which helps to drastically reduce oversells, as that quantity's shared on your various marketplaces. No more manual updating and adjusting all your marketplaces, logging in and out of various applications and marketplaces every time an order comes in - and no more need for buffers, either. Mistakes are cut down on the warehouse side too, with human error checks to alert warehouse workers if they're attempting to pick an item without an open order.