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Inventory Management System

What is an Inventory Management System?

An eCommerce inventory management system is a combination of software, workflows and processes that oversees the level and status of stocked products in a warehouse or multiple warehouses. It tracks raw materials, suppliers as well as finished products throughout the supply chain. 

Inventory management software that SkuVault provides is vital for the multi-channel eCommerce seller. It allows you to know where your inventory is at all times, how much you have listed on your sales channels, and when you need to restock. SkuVault clients don’t worry about overselling or shipping items incorrectly. 

Features of an eCommerce inventory management system are advanced pick, pack and ship, barcoding and insightful reporting for data-driven decisions. SkuVault offers this plus supply chain management, simple integrations and a full API, as well as dedicated training and support.  

Why do you need an Inventory Management System?

A good inventory management system can be the difference between business growth or failure. Often times, entrepreneurial eCommerce startups manage inventory manually on a spreadsheet. As they grow and begin selling on multiple sales channels like Amazon and eBay, inventory management gets more complicated and the spreadsheet is no longer workable. 

Why is inventory management important to multi-channel eCommerce sellers?

Multi-channel sellers don’t have time to worry about what’s in their warehouse.

Those who rely on an inventory management system like SkuVault are able to scale, grow and adapt in today’s quickly changing eCommerce landscape. An integrated inventory system empowers merchants to make gain a clear understanding of their business and make data-driven decisions.

Preventing oversells is one of the key quality control functions of an inventory management software. Positive seller ratings are key to survival in eCommerce and SkuVault inventory management software keeps sellers aheatryid of the curve with the powerful features that make eCommerce business run smoothly. 

For businesses with multiple warehouses, it becomes even more important to have clear insights into inventory levels and clear forecasting data. Understanding inventory levels, setting quantity buffers and generating real-time reports are important metrics that multi-channel eCommerce sellers need to be aware of.

What are the most important software integrations for an inventory management system?

No matter what or where you sell, most businesses use an accounting software, so having a system that easily integrates with Quickbooks is vital. It is important for real-time sales data to reflect in your accounting software for both efficiency as well as for making sound business decisions. 

Sellers have to be able to sync purchase orders and sales receipts to an accounting software as soon as they are generated in the inventory management system.

It is also important to have easy integrations with top eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Simple, yet powerfully useful integrations to a variety of platforms are a cornerstone of SkuVault’s software.

What are the most important reporting features?

All good inventory systems offer advanced reporting capabilities. What sets SkuVault apart is the easy-to-understand, yet actionable reports offered in real time. 

The replenishment report is necessary for sellers who want to prevent out-of-stocks and ensure positive seller ratings by always having best-selling merchandise on-hand. In many ways, this is the most important report for an inventory system because it’s primary function is to keep merchants from running out of merchandise.

By looking at your sales history, merchants are able to get a clear picture of what items sell and when. This information allows them to make the data-drive decisions that will grow their business and allow them to sell more without the worry. 

How long does it take to implement an inventory management system? 

Most businesses can be fully up and running within 90 days. In some cases that can be cut in half. It is important to properly plan the implementation to reduce and friction and get the most out of the system once implemented. 

SkuVault has a dedicated team of on-boarding specialists with years of software experience and eCommerce expertise to help guide sellers to success. Our award-winning training programs are designed to optimize workflows and help merchants achieve a positive ROI as quickly as possible. 

We offer both remote and in-person training, as well as online resources and information for all levels. SkuVault also offers a U.S. based support team that is always accessible. That’s right, whenever you have an issue or a question, you can always reach a real live expert. No robots or chat bots. 

How SkuVault can help organize your inventory?

SkuVault is the master of inventory management, at a value far better than the all-in-one model. No more wondering where inventory is, how much you have on hand and how much you need to order. With SkuVault, your inventory is always visible so you can focus on selling more. Your business is sure to stay organized and on track. 

Daily warehouse tasks like cycle counting, picking, shipping, and replenishment are automated and clear and straightforward. With SkuVault, supply chain such as sourcing, re-ordering, and expanding to new marketplaces are streamlined and automated.

 Our easy-to-use interface is easy to learn and train new employees in your growing business. Never worry again about running out of a product unexpectedly, especially in peak seasons. With SkuVault’s tracking capabilities, reporting features, and easy-to-use interface, your products will always be tidy, fully stocked, and easy to find.

The inventory management feature has defined our inventory. We know exactly where to look, where we can find our inventory, how much we have on hand, and that alone is worth the price we’re paying.

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