Lokad & SkuVault

Exceptional forecasts powering exceptional inventory management

We're always looking for ways to help our clients succeed, and our partnership & integration with Lokad allows us to do just that. Lokad can automatically (or via a predetermined schedule) pull SkuVault historical data into Lokad. Pulling this data into Lokad allows SkuVault users the ability to access advanced inventory forecasts and powerful commerce analytics, which helps them to optimize their inventory and gain insights about what they should be sourcing.

Blog Post on Partnership Importing SkuVault Data
Lokad ♥ SkuVault

Video: introduction to quantile forecasting

Lokad put this explanatory video on quantile forecasting & inventory optimization together, and we thought it was too great not to share! Check out the link below; heads up, though - it leads off-site!

Watch the video