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CRT Custom Products Profile

CRT is constantly keeping abreast to the changing needs in the industry, and are your one-stop-shop for all of your printing, packaging, manufacturing, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution needs.

Solution Partners

ShipWorks, Volusion




Fulfillment Center

"Overall, we couldn’t be more happy with the SkuVault application... Keep up the fantastic work, guys! You’re great!"


Find a WMS to suit all their clients' needs.

When an old customer came to CRT with a new need - eCommerce fulfillment - CRT rose to the challenge. This old customer wanted a more hands-on approach, and CRT began searching for a way to help them with their eCommerce fulfillment. That "way" turned out to be SkuVault. As Ron Bower, CRT's Marketing Director told us, "We just couldn’t do eCommerce fulfillment before SkuVault." CRT had been fulfilling orders with an older, tried & true warehouse management system for years, but as they learned, eCommerce fulfillment has special needs that even reliable older systems just can't handle. Namely, integration to eCommerce platforms like Volusion. "[SkuVault] was the only [warehouse management system] that met all of [our clients'] criteria and didn’t break the bank… Inventory management, sales management, quality control, advanced reports and user accountability… With user accountability being at the top of their collective lists. So far, it’s been such a robust system, it’s hard to imagine spending any more money on something that is supposedly “better” just because of a price tag," explained Ron, "With SkuVault, the features that you’re looking for are there."


Streamlined workflow & user accountability.

When asked if CRT's workflow has changed since implementing SkuVault, Ron explained, "Our workflow has changed immensely. We work using a flow rack system, and our pick, QC and pack stations are setup flawlessly because of the streamlined way that SkuVault works and the highly accountable way that it sends an order from one station to the next." Out of the thousands of orders that CRT's shipped to date using SkuVault, their customers haven’t reported any discrepancies or missing orders. "How could you not benefit from a streamlined workflow? Production is up and errors are down." Another aspect of SkuVault that's been well received by CRT and their clients: reorder points. "We let them set their own reorder points and check their [own] inventories. That saves us some time, and they love it. If there’s an out of stock, it’s because the customer just couldn’t get their product in."


Easy to use system, for CRT and their clients.

One big reason CRT's been so happy with SkuVault is that "SkuVault['s really been] a breeze to work with from day one. After a few training sessions with June Clark and Marie Marshall we had it down, and if anything arises that we can’t figure out, we call Customer Service and they get us on the right track every single time." When asked about his favorite SkuVault feature, Ron had this to say: "Inventory Management… Personally, it’s my favorite feature because we set up a SkuVault user for our customers to go in and look at inventories and set reorder points as I mentioned earlier. We can give them all the access that we want to give them thanks to the ease of the user set up and the permissions that go with it. They absolutely love to be able to do that, and a happy customer makes CRT happy."

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