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Organization Overhaul.

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GotYourGear Profile

GotYourGear is a sweet little company right at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. A few employees, warehouse, ping pong table and a website. Oh yeah, and 10 years experience. That pretty much sums it up. Conquer and Adventure!

Solution Partners

ChannelAdvisor, ShipStation




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"Now everything on the shelf is on our marketplaces."


Disordered inventory, no formal system in place.

Like most eCommerce companies, Adam Bishop's GotYourGear started off small - Excel sheets and a few hard-working employees with good memories were all that were necessary to keep inventory in line. When Adam began using ChannelAdvisor, a channel management system that (among other useful functions) assists in sharing inventory across multiple marketplaces (such as eBay, Amazon, Newegg, Sears, etc.), he started using ChannelAdvisor's quantities to act as a sort of makeshift inventory system. As GotYourGear continued to rapidly expand, however, a more automated and formal organizational system became necessary - a warehouse management system capable of bringing order to his inventory and integrating with solutions he'd already come to value, such as ChannelAdvisor and ShipStation.


Employee-friendly interface, simplified listing process, and organized inventory.

SkuVault provided a solution that's easy for long-time employees and new warehouse workers alike to operate, which keeps employees a more streamlined workflow to follow and gives training new hires and peak season temp workers a more efficient, speedy transition. GotYourGear also utilizes Agile Harbor's listing app, eComet, which complements the experience of SkuVault clients on ChannelAdvisor. The listing app facilitates bulk product creation and listing; it's a robust application that's highly customizable, allowing GotYourGear to list their products in an expedient manner. SkuVault simplified their workflow and integrated with ChannelAdvisor and ShipStation, to further automate maintaining true available quantities, orders, and the picking process. SkuVault's cloud-based nature allows GotYourGear warehouse workers to pick items on their iPods, which, we have been assured, is "super cool".


More efficient processes and true available quantities.

When asked how SkuVault has helped to organize his inventory, Adam replied, "We now know where everything is. So, [even] if something's [been] misplaced in an incorrect location, we can still find it... Now everything on the shelf is on our marketplaces." If he had to pick a favorite feature, Adam says he "like[s] how [he] can print item barcodes" straight from SkuVault, because "it helps to organize those items that don't have any". Between the listing tool and SkuVault, GotYourGear is enjoying accurate quantities and an organized inventory.

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