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Porter Road

The Porter Road Story


James Peisker and Chris Carter opened Porter Road Butcher shop in Nashville, TN with $500 in their bank account and a dream: to deliver life-changing meat. When the two former chefs couldn’t find quality, well-cut meat locally, they decided to do it on their own. 

“The meat industry as a whole is full of smoke and mirrors,” said Peisker, COO and co-founder. “We wanted to create a system to encourage people to do it the right way. Our whole focus of Porter Road is making sure meat is raised in the right way so that the consumer has the product that we want to feed our own families.”

With the city’s support behind them, and a mission in place, Peisker and Carter, CEO and co-founder, found a partner in Rittenberry Farms, roughly two hours from headquarters in Nashville. The next logical step was to bring Porter Road meats to the entire country. 

When it came time to launch www.porterroad.com in 2017, Porter Road General Manager Ryan McIntyre needed a solution that was easy to implement and fit seamlessly into their existing tech stack and could keep up with their rapid growth. 


“Using SkuVault, we’ve found a company that wants us to be successful and cares about the outcome.” 


SkuVault fit the bill. The team uses automated pick workflows and QC checks daily to help the pickers ensure quantities match what’s in the processing facility and what’s online. The customer experience is of utmost importance to the team, and SkuVault’s complete inventory visibility allows them to deliver on that promise. 

“SkuVault has streamlined a lot of our processes and given us the ability to make sure that we have the checks and balances we need to make sure our customers are taken care of properly, “ Peisker said. “Using SkuVault, we’ve found a company that wants us to be successful and cares about the outcome.” 

The Porter Road team is on the cusp of moving into a new, much larger facility just down the road. As the company’s footprint grows and internal needs and systems become more complex, they’re looking to SkuVault to grow with them.

“We’re going to be moving into a much larger facility in the near future, and it’s going to give us the ability to take advantage of SkuVault to its greatest capability,” said McIntyre. “There’s amazing stuff in the development pipeline at SkuVault that we’re very eager to adopt because it drives transparency and a great customer experience.” 

No matter how big the eCommerce meat retailer becomes, their core mission to change the country’s way of accessing their proteins stays the same. 

Learn more about their story in the video above.


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