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Online Marketplace Integration and Kitting Inventory

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SlideBelts Profile

Started in 2007, SlideBelts creates and designs high quality ratchet belts. When it comes to their product, Slidebelts believes in two things: innovation and style. They are constantly working to improve and refine their products, while always using the best materials.

Solution Partners

Amazon, eBay, ShipStation, Shopify





"It's really nice to have that confidence that what Amazon says we have is accurate. We know we can fulfill those orders. And that's thanks to SkuVault."


Keeping physical inventory in sync with marketplace inventory & grouping individual products into ready-to-ship sets

Rick, the Chief Operations Officer at SlideBelts, needed a better way to manage his Amazon inventory. Rick told us, "Amazon is the vast majority of our business - about 80%," so getting that inventory under control was a huge priority. Rick needed a way to group individual inventory items into ready-to-ship sets (at SkuVault, we like to call these sets "kits"). Before SkuVault, Rick had no way of combing those individual items into the ready-to-ship sets he needed. "We stock everything as raw goods, separately. We have belt buckles and we have leathers. Any buckle has the potential to sell with any leather," Rick told us. He was looking for a flexible but robust way to deal with his sets and the components that make up his sets.


Real-time inventory updates & product kitting

SkuVault integrates with Amazon to give Rick real-time quantity updates on his inventory. Rick says that before SkuVault, he was constantly worrying, “Do I have it? Do I not have it?” SkuVault alleviated those worries. Now, Rick’s actual physical quantities are accurately reflected on his Amazon web store. “It’s really nice to have that confidence that what Amazon says we have is accurate. We know we can fulfill those orders. And that’s thanks to SkuVault.”

Rick was pleased when he learned that SkuVault was designed with "product kitting" specifically in mind. Rick tells us, "the kits were probably the biggest selling point for SkuVault in general." With SkuVault, Rick's kits are assigned a unique SKU in order to differentiate the assembled kit from its individual components, and to allow the kit to be inventoried and tracked as a single unit. "We tried three other inventory management systems before SkuVault," said Rick. "We had a pretty large number of SKU's - and a couple hundred kits. The other inventory systems had a hard time handling the large number of kits we had." Product kitting can solve a lot of problems, and it can definitely increase visibility and sales - that's why we designed SkuVault with user-friendly product kitting features.


Manually checking inventory is no longer necessary & products are kitted together with the click of a button

Because of SkuVault's integration features with Amazon (and many other online marketplaces), Rick says he "doesn’t spend half as much time checking his inventory manually" as he used to. He trusts that his online marketplace quantities match his physical inventory quantities in his warehouse.

Rick no longer struggles grouping his products together into ready-to-ship sets thanks to SkuVault's kitting feature. Where he used to have to guess at how many inventory items were being sold in sets each month, he now has direct access to complete inventory management and advanced reporting features.

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