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Dramatically increased efficiency when picking, packing, and reordering products.

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SlimShades Profile

Tommy Millett, owner of SlimShades, has offered quality, value priced sunglasses for over five years, fulfilling over 7,000 transactions on eBay alone. SlimShades joins value with quality to provide customers with solid, trendy eyewear at affordable prices.

Solution Partners

Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Teapplix





"I believe SkuVault is the inventory management solution for ecommerce based businesses of any size."


Oversells, overstocking inventory, and disorganized inventory.

As SlimShades began to grow, Tommy noticed that it was becoming harder and harder to keep track of his inventory levels. Too many bad buys and too much overstocking on inventory were eating away at his profit margins - it was time for an inventory management solution. He wanted one that was highly customizable, that could integrate with his shipping software, Teapplix, and that was, in his own words, "dummy proof". And above all else, Tommy wanted a warehouse management system with the capability to grow with his business - a system able to adjust to his needs, rather than the other way around.


Simplified picking process, user accountability, and quality control.

SkuVault addressed the core of Tommy's difficulties by streamlining his warehouse processes to maximize efficiency, and by organizing and cataloging his inventory in such a way that Tommy is always able to see his true available quantities. When asked which features of SkuVault he believed most contributed to the smoother operation of his warehouse and to his more accurate inventory, he had this to say: "Some of my favorite features of SkuVault include built in quality controls which help prevent errors, user-based logs to track the actions of every person, and direct integration with my shipping software... Once it's fully implemented, the system is very nearly dummy proof. SkuVault allows me to tag products into specific locations, and in multiple locations when necessary. This means there's no looking for products; I know where everything is via a simple scan or SKU search in SkuVault. SkuVault also provides me with sales data and current inventory levels which allows me to make educated purchasing decisions. This is absolutely critical for successful operations."


Increased efficiency, less time and labor hours, fewer oversells.

Tommy's warehouse operations have seen a dramatic rise in efficiency since implementing SkuVault - his picking, packing, and reordering processes have all been streamlined, which saves Tommy time and labor hours. Fewer oversells means fewer irate customers, lower customer service costs, and higher rankings on his online marketplaces. From our many available integrations, such as ChannelAdvisor and Shipworks, Tommy chose to utilize our Teapplix plug-in for his shipping operations. What's Tommy's final say on SkuVault? "I believe SkuVault is the inventory management solution for ecommerce based businesses of any size."

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