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Efficient Re-Orders & Product Accountability

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Studio Hut Profile

StudioHut is an Austin-based Photography & Video equipment supplier. Their mission is to provide the highest quality photography equipment at affordable, warehouse prices.

Solution Partners

ChannelAdvisor, ShipWorks




Photography & Video Equipment

"Now all our staff can easily find items within the warehouse."


Out of stocks & re-orders.

Eric Hansen, Owner of Studio Hut, saw a need for affordable camera and video equipment and accessories in the eCommerce world. Studio Hut manages around 600 SKUs. Eric was having a major problem with out of stocks. Without a proper inventory management system in place, out of stocks are inevitable. "We were using another system which was SKU-based and very manual." Their ability to efficiently reorder and keep the proper counts of the prod- uct they were storing was seriously hindered by the system they had been using.


SkuVault + ChannelAdvisor + ShipWorks

On a quest to improve his situation, Eric spent three months evaluating different systems available for warehouse management to replace the one he had been using. The biggest influencer for his decision was the fact that SkuVault is capable of integrating with ChannelAdvisor. "[SkuVault] was inexpensive for what we get and does virtually everything we need.” The team uses Eric’s favorite SkuVault feature, the integration with ShipWorks, for easy picking. "It allows non-warehouse office staff to easily pick items if necessary. The location codes provided make quick work of the pick job, [and] with the wireless scanners we've cut the pick time significantly."


Non-existent out of stocks, a streamlined process, & efficient picking.

SkuVault has completely streamlined the Studio Hut warehouse, and their workflow has improved immensely. "All staff can easily find items within the warehouse. Audits have been spot on." Eric's out of stocks are now non-existent. "As said before, out of stocks were a problem using our previous system, and since using the SkuVault system, we've only had one out of stock and it was our fault, not the system's." SkuVault has helped Eric's business make invaluable improvements. With increased team efficiency and zero out of stocks, Eric can focus on more important aspects of the company - like sales!

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