The Feet Treat

The Feet Treat

Footwear Case Study

The Feet Treat is an online and brick and mortar footwear boutique. 


Company Profile: The Feet Treat is a women’s shoe retailer that views shoes as more than just a form of fashion and function – they believe shoes are an extension of your personality. They work hard to provide an extensive selection of shoes, and top notch customer service.

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 IndustryClothing, Shoes, Accessories

“Not only can I manage my inventory while I’m on the road, but I can even help the warehouse staff locate inventory all the way from Florida!”

 Challenge | Managing a growing inventory & long distance inventory management

For Lisa Maltese, The Feet Treat started off as a hobby to occupy her time while her kids were at school. Her hobby quickly grew into a flourishing small business with over 5,000 pairs of shoes in her inventory. Lisa told us, “Storing shoes is innately difficult because of all the different sizes involved. Locating our product became increasingly difficult the more we grew.”

Lisa and her family had always spent a majority of their summers in Florida, but because her hobby grew so rapidly into a successful business, Lisa was at a loss for how to continue growing her business while also dedicating the time she wanted to her family’s summer tradition..

 Solution | Effective and user-friendly inventory management

Once we introduced Lisa to SkuVault’s inventory management system, what was once a time-consuming task became an extremely streamlined process. Lisa revealed, “We’re very organized now. We were even able to train more employees in our warehouse because it’s so easy to find our products now.”

We provided Lisa with an inventory management system so effective and user-friendly, she can now manage her inventory while traveling with her family. Lisa told us, “Not only can I manage my inventory while I’m on the road, but I can even help the warehouse staff locate inventory all the way from Florida! And if a customer calls, I can answer questions while on the road regarding stock we have available.” We designed SkuVault to allow you to take back control of your inventory. Lisa took full advantage of that, and then she took a vacation – all the while having total control of her inventory from the palm of her hand.

 Results | Streamlined warehouse processes & more time for sourcing, sales, marketing, and family

The Feet Treat continues to grow every day. Because inventory management is no longer an issue, Lisa can now focus more of her efforts on sourcing, sales, marketing, and, of course, spending more time with her family. Lisa has recently even begun hiring students from the local high school to help out in her warehouse. She not only teaches them how to use SkuVault, but she teaches them the day-to-day processes involved in managing a successful eCommerce company. To Lisa and her staff, SkuVault is an essential tool for their eCommerce workflow.

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