Tiffany Hepburn LLC

Thomas Marles, Director of Technical Services @ Tiffany Hepburn LLC

"Ben, Shane, and Melissa have all been absolutely fantastic to deal with and they have always responded to my tickets in a timely fashion and were extremely helpful. They never failed to keep me in the look regarding the issue and were very friendly to deal with too. I just can't say enough good things about them and my experience thus far with the SkuVault support staff!"

Morphe Brushes

Doug Morales, General Manager @ Morphe Brushes

"AMAZING! We used to keep track of our inventory manually on Google Docs like many companies do. We were fortunate to be organized enough to function well doing it manually but we knew we needed a better solution. We signed up to use SkuVault and for months didn't implement it because it never seemed to be the right time. At a certain point, we just said "just do it!" and rolled out SkuVault. It has been 30 days now and we are simply thrilled! SkuVault is ON POINT down to the most accurate of numbers. It has truly given us what we needed. We were able to roll out a Wholesale website that syncs beautifully with SkuVault and our retail website and will soon replace our old POS with the one that syncs with SkuVault.

PS: When we run into problems, we naturally want to say "We knew it! SkuVault messed up!" and we keep finding it is human error, never SkuVault.

Advice: We strongly suggest getting Android tablets to use with SkuVault (iPods are too small, and iPads are too expensive and require too much tapping of the screen.). Androids are actually faster for us and much cheaper (4X cheaper) than iPads. We learned the hard way after buying thousands of $$$ in iPads so hopefully this helps others out there. Galaxy Tab 4's have been awesome for us."


Jeff Bethel, Director of Operations @ Zeckos

"The software is very easy to use, and the SkuVault team is amazing. I can now track the movement of all of my inventory and track everything my employees are doing. The people at SkuVault actually listen to our suggestions and often implement the functionality we ask for to their software without asking us to pay for it. We have been through many different software platforms, and this is the best partnership by far that we have experienced. I would recommend SkuVault to any company that needs better visibility of the work being done in their warehouse. Also, compared to most WMS's they are very affordable."

Luke Hannahan, COO @

"Inventory management simplified! SkuVault's team has been very beneficial to our business in terms of adding value, going above and beyond with customer service, and delivering results that help out our bottom line on a monthly basis."

Deal Dreaming

Michael Wilson, Owner @ Deal Dreaming

"Easy to launch & good customer service! We have been on SkuVault for just over 2 years and it works great for us. We use it because it integrates with all the other software we use (Shipworks) and makes it easy for us to push our available inventory to Ebay and Amazon. We also run all of our POs through their system. Anytime we have questions, we just call in to customer service or open a ticket. We currently have over 8 employees using SkuVault with most of them being in our warehouse."

Wren Industrial

Wren Industrial, from SkuVault's Shopify integration

"SkuVault has been instrumental in getting a handle on my inventory, keeping it straight, and being able to sell multi-channel - without the concern of out of stocks. The many functions within the program make daily tasks easier, and work a little less stressful."

Brands on Sale

Brands on Sale, from SkuVault's Shopify integration

"Launched SkuVault in our 80,000 square foot distribution facility. This cloud based warehouse management system which integrates with Shopify wonderfully puts your business in the 21st century. Easy interface and wonderful customer service. Now I have more time to grow my business without the headaches of an on-site hosted warehouse management system which constantly failed. Very impressive built in functionality that integrates with Shopify, Amazon, Ebay and other marketing channels seamlessly."

Shively Sporting Goods

Shively Sporting Goods, from SkuVault's Shopify integration

"Been using SkuVault for 3+ years now and it has drastically helped our warehouse to be more efficient and save time. SkuVault has really changed our business around from being left out in the cold. We went from old school inventory to a simple inventory system that even my grandma can use. I highly recommend SkuVault to those who want to cut back on time and focus on areas that are making money. The team at SkuVault has been great in the set up and even customer service questions. A+++!"

Dan Riley from Ibuyz

Dan Riley, President @ Ibuyz

"SkuVault is extremely smooth and and has helped us tremendously, especially during the picking and shipping process. We're a small operation, but during Q4, our volume increases significantly - we go from a couple hundred orders a day to about a thousand - and SkuVault kept us organized and efficient throughout all our holiday rush. SkuVault lets us know where we're at with our SKUs on hand day to day in real time - we sell across multiple platforms without a channel management platform, so we've been using SkuVault to manage quantities and keep our oversells low. Over the holidays, out of tens of thousands of sales, we've had maybe a handful of oversells. SkuVault and the SkuVault team help Ibuyz to keep a tight operation. We're more organized now than anything we've been able to manage in the past."

Howard Choi from Golfio

Howard Choi, Channel Manager @ Golfio

"Within three months of using SkuVault, we've already seen a huge boost in warehouse performance; our picking time has been cut in half... Our order fulfillment time has improved by 87.5% - orders that previously would've taken us all day, we can now complete in less than an hour."

The Aspecs

Guy Bauer, CEO @ The Aspecs

"As our inventory and sales increased, we started to have a huge problem with overselling. The inventory management system that we were using at the time did not have barcode scanning capabilities, and as a result our listed quantity on hand was often incorrect, inventory counts were tedious with a lot of room for human error, and because we were overselling products so often our various marketplace accounts started to suffer. SkuVault has significantly improved our workflow and overall efficiency; We no longer have issues with overselling, I am confidant that our listed quantity on hand is correct, I know exactly where every product in our warehouse is, we no longer have to spend time scouring our warehouse for sold items that cannot be found, picking and packing moves a lot faster.

Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales for this year were greater than they have been in the past, and I definitely think that SkuVault helped us accomplish this goal. SkuVault has fixed our overselling problem, and as a result, our marketplace reviews have improved. SkuVault has been an amazing tool for us and I can’t imagine using any other inventory management system."


Dave Turney, Owner @ WedgeNix LLC

"Before starting with SkuVault, we thought we had a pretty good system. Although manual, our checkpoints [were] pretty solid. But there wasn't a day that went by that we had to cancel a few orders. And, of course the concern of sending the wrong item to a buyer and the headaches and loss of time and money taking care of the snafu it created. Since having SkuVault inventory system, we have practically eliminated "out of stock" cancellations and "wrong item shipments". More importantly, the system is user friendly and teachable for our new employees. The system gives me a sense of comfort in knowing that what we say we can do / provide for our customers, we can.

Andy and Danny have been on-point from [the] customer service side. That includes helping us adapt the system to our specific needs which was invaluable. On another note, it appears that the system is continually morphing - it's getting faster and easier to use as adjustments are made and suggestions from their clients get implemented. You can spend a lot more on an inventory system and not get all the tools and assistance Skuvault and its group can provide."


Adam Bishop, Arch Commodore @ GotYourGear

"We now know where everything is. So, [even] if something's [been] misplaced in an incorrect location, we can still find it... Now everything on the shelf is on our marketplaces. I [also] like how I can print item barcodes straight from SkuVault; it helps to organize those items that don't have any."


Brad King, President & Co-Founder @ Webzom

"Before integrating the Agile Harbor inventory control software we were averaging 2.5%-3% out of stock orders. We were using 2-4 man hours per day trying to investigate why the orders were out of stock. Now we are around 0.75% out of stock orders and all of those can be traced to human error. SkuVault allows us to trace every item within the warehouse and if there is a mistake we are able to quickly determine what happened. There is no question that Agile Harbor's software SkuVault is the best option for inventory control. This is the best investment our company has made in a long time."


Areesh Ahmed, President @ Shoeta

"Since we sell using multiple channels, we needed a tool to better manage our inventory. We were having difficulty with our OOS which was ultimately effecting customer satisfaction. We wanted something that would be easy to use and user friendly. SkuVault provided a streamline of our inventory and ordering processes. The user interface was easy to use and train employees on. Enjoy the fact the it is web based so there is no installation necessary, and we can use it from any computer!"


Tommy Millett, Owner @ SlimShades

"While inventory management can be a very complex task, SkuVault simplifies the process. SkuVault's interface is very user friendly, yet they've found a way to pack their web based software with loads of critical features. A few of my favorite features include built in quality controls which help prevent errors, user based logs to track the actions of every person, and direct integration with our shipping software. The Agile Harbor team is very responsive to any questions or suggestions about their product which is refreshing. As a bonus to an already excellent platform, they are constantly adding new features while maintaining SkuVault's easy-to-use interface. I believe SkuVault will become the industry standard inventory management system for eCommerce based businesses."

USA Supply Source

Moshe Cohen, President @ USA Supply Source

"Sku Vault is amazing; [it's] helped us keep better track of our inventory, [it's] easy to use and simple to set up. The locations feature helped us increase productivity and [bring] our pick time down by almost 50% per order. [SkuVault has] helped us increase our overall sales as greatly improved our [inventory's] accuracy. The support and personality of all SkuVault employees are outstanding as well."

Jason Brown

Jason Brown, Marketing Manager @ Street Moda

"The team at Agile Harbor are dedicated and smart. SkuVault was built from the ground up focusing on the large gaps left by other warehouse solutions that are outdated, rigid, and inaccurate. Spending less time on inventory means I am able to spend more time in marketing and sales, and that is the way it should be."

System ID

Michael Flood, Solution Sales Associate @ System ID

"Being more on the scanning hardware side of inventory control, I know the importance of having a good software on the back end. It is hard to find an affordable solution that integrates with ShipWorks and is web based, and that is exactly what SkuVault provides. The fact that it is web based allows users to view their inventory levels from any mobile device. Not only is it a great product but Andy Eastes will provide the best service, knowledge, and support that you will find in the industry."