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About Us –  SkuVault

SkuVault is the warehouse management technology platform that empowers small and medium enterprises to optimize operations so they can scale and compete in the growing eCommerce and omni-channel markets at a fraction of the cost. We provide a hands-on customer service experience, meaningful, actionable data, and automated processes that reduce waste and supply chain inefficiencies – this saves our clients money and has a positive impact on the environment. SkuVault makes it easy for clients to connect their warehouses to the world while increasing fulfillment speed, accuracy, and profit.

Integrity and Transparency

Both of these aspects build rewarding relationships amongst team members and clients.

Innovation and Free Thought

Two pillars of business that promote change, which creates more opportunity.


Enabling team members to do more gives them the confidence to lead.


We encourage everyone to combine their skills across departments to drive success as a team.

Waste Reduction

When we commit to eliminating unnecessary waste, our product and everyday lives are improved.

Meet Our Team

Slava and Andy Eastes

Andy Eastes and Slava Ivanyuk were commissioned to find a warehouse management solution for a Louisville-based company. When they couldn’t find anything suitable, they decided to build their own. The primary goal in creating a warehouse management system was to make something that would ease the pain points Andy had experienced as an eBay seller himself. Together Andy and Slava created SkuVault warehouse and inventory management system in 2011.

Sales Department

Portrait of Clay Nobles
Clay Nobles
Director of Sales
Portrait of Ray Roberts
Ray Roberts
Sales Consultant
Portrait of Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe
Sales Consultant
Portrait of SkuVault Elaine Rector
Elaine Rector
Sales Consultant
Portrait of SkuVault Kacie Stoll
Kacie Stoll
Sales Development Representative
Scott Strecker Profile Picture
Scott Strecker
Sales Development Representative
kheley ridlon skuvault
Kheley Ridlon
Outside Sales Executive
ryan perry skuvault
Ryan Perry
Sales Consultant

Business Development & Partnerships

portrait of Kim Wren
Kim Wren
Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Client Services Department

steve watson skuvault
Steve Watson
Director of Client Services
portrait of Chris Prather
Chris Prather
Client Relations Department Manager
portrait of Autumn Lowe
Autumn Lowe
Education Manager
portrait of Dustin_Bensing
Dustin Bensing
Implementation Expert
portrait of Jeffrey_Surran
Jeffrey Surran
Client Solutions Specialist
portrait of Melissa Eitel
Melissa Eitel
Client Solutions Specialist
portrait of Madesyn_Betz
Madesyn Betz
Implementation Expert
portrait of Iain Moore
Iain Moore
Client Relations Specialist
portrait of Kiki McDonald
Kiki McDonald
Client Solutions Specialist
portrait of Renee_Harley
Renee Harley
Implementation Expert
portrait of Jason_Thomas
Jason Thomas
Implementation Expert
portrait of Jason_Roberts
Jason Roberts
Manager of Client Support
portrait of Ethan_Rector
Ethan Rector
Technical Support Analyst
Jeff Taylor profile picture
Jeff Taylor
Implementation Expert
Lily Nguyen
Client Solutions Specialist
Brian Fentress
Technical Support Analyst
Chris Hardin
Technical Support Analyst
Tony Royal
Customer Success Manager
jacob tipton skuvault
Jacob Tipton
Client Data Specialist

Information Technology Department

portrait of Ed_Risinger
Ed Risinger
Director of Technical Operations
portrait of Joseph Porter
Joseph Porter
IT Technician
portrait of Mitchell Michael
Mitchell Michael
Lead Software Developer
portrait of Chris Stopher
Chris Stopher
Senior Software Developer
portrait of Timothy Jannace
Timothy Jannace
Software Developer
portrait of Ericka_Allen
Ericka Allen
Software Developer
portrait of Victoria_Felice
Victoria Felice
Software Developer
portrait of Dmitriy_Kholodov
Dmitry Kholodov
Software Developer
portrait of Mikhail_Rassudishkin
Mikhail Rassudishkin
Software Developer
portarit of Sergey_Shumakov
Sergey Shumakov
Software Developer
portrait of Marat Kulmukhametov
Marat Kulmukhametov
Software Developer
portrait of Evgeniy_Dmitriev
Evgeniy Dmitriev
Dev Ops Engineer
portrait of Artur_Nizamutdinov
Artur Nizamutdinov
Dev Ops Engineer
portrait of Bradley_Morganett
Bradley Morganett
Business Analyst
portrait of Shiloh_Mount
Shiloh Mount
Scrum Master
portrait of Filipp_Terekhov
Filipp Terekhov
QA Technician
portrait of Marat_Kiniabulatov
Marat Kiniabulatov
Project Manager
Josh King profile picture
Josh King
Quality Assurance Engineer
Steven Shofner profile picture
Steven Shofner
Lead Software Developer
Anastasia Dvornikova
QA Analyst
Rob Doss
Business Analyst
Joel Martin
Senior Software Developer
Steven Trentham
Product Owner
david taylor skuvault
David Taylor
Software Developer
vlad vitel skuvault
Vlad Vitel
QA Technician
portrait of Nathan_Oates
Nathan Oates
Jr. Software Developer
Maxim Strelsov skuvault
Maxim Strelsov
Software Developer

Marketing Department

portrait of Lori_Wood
Lori Wood
Director of Marketing
portrait of Sam_Smock
Sam Smock
Marketing Manager
portrait of Avery_Walts
Avery Walts
Partner Marketing Manager

Operations Department

portrait of Deron_Simpson
Deron Simpson
Chief Operations Officer
portrait of Derrick_Oehrle
Derrick Oehrle
Human Resources Administrator
portrait of Michael_Bush
Michael Bush
Data Coordinator
portrait of Marissa_Morrison
Marissa Morrison
Administrative Assistant
tiffany abrams skuvault
Tiffany Abrams
Data Specialist

Meet Our Team

We have cultivated a culture of transparency and an attitude where new ideas are encouraged and accepted. We hire team players who are passionate about problem-solving and want to make the best eCommerce solution possible.

If this sounds like you, check out our Careers page to see current openings in our Louisville, KY office.

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SkuVault inventory and warehouse management staff