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Customizable Catalogs

Make creating and organizing your products simple. With SkuVault Warehouse Management System, you control how much or how little information you need to include and we do the hard work of keeping it organized for you all in one place. 

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Easily create detailed products

SkuVault’s features make product creation within our software a breeze. Create SKUs, define attributes, and utilize other useful details about your products. Already have existing products? Go ahead and import them into our software for seamless integration with the rest of your inventory.


SkuVault Product Catalog

Kitting and Bundling

Sell multiple SKUs in ready-to-ship Kits and Bundles

SkuVault's unique Kitting feature allows your business to maximize potential sales through several SKU variations. Develop different kit types, or bundles, to accommodate your product’s needs and expand on customer inventory selection. Complete purchase orders faster and with more variation using Kits and Bundles.


  • Easily dictate alternative SKUs for kit components 
  • Automate every step of the kitting process
  • Quantities automatically calculated and updated
  • Streamlined Manufacturer Print-to-Order features
Use the SkuVault Advanced Reporting features to easily juggle your kits.

Assembled Products

Take product Kitting to the next level

Save time and money by reducing the number of steps and scans that your pickers have to complete, to the amount of double-checking and scanning your QA team has to go through. Creating an assembled product allows you to manage the inventory levels of the individual kit components as well as the assembled product across your marketplaces. 

Read more about the SkuVault Quality Control features.

Lots, FEFO and FIFO

Save your inventory from expiration

Getting rid of expired inventory is easier than ever before with the SkuVault Lots feature. Lots allow you to sort inventory based on expiration date or when the product was received. To make your warehouse more optimized, utilize the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) and First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO pick methods in tandem with Lots to keep products rotating and fresh for consumers.

  • Minimize shrink
  • Keep products fresh and safe for consumers
  • Eliminate expired products
  • No manual monitoring of expiration dates
FEFO FIFO Lots Inventory Management


Prevent fraudulent returns on expensive items by easily tracking serial numbers

Serial numbers can be tracked in SkuVault through every aspect of managing your inventory - from receiving and picking, to quality control and advanced reporting. 

  • Prevent fraud by seamlessly tracking serial numbers of products you have sold
  • Easily track manufacturer's warranties through serialization
  • Pull defective merchandise using serial numbers
eCommerce Serialization