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Kitting & Bundling

Sell more and cut costs by bundling products with SkuVault

Kitting has never been easier. Sellers who bundle products
with SkuVault can average 100%+ more orders per week
than businesses that don’t use bundling.

We’re trusted by 1,000+ eCommerce retailers.

Increase your average order value
with kits and multi-packs

Move more inventory
with flexible bundles
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    Easily create kits, multi-packs, and
    assembled products
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    Set up rules to manage substitutions
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    Track packaging and other components
    through kitting
Avoid oversells with clear
inventory tracking
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    Create hundreds of kits with a clear-cut
    quantity for every popular product
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    Track single products and kit components
    in one place
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    Simplify inventory management
    across multiple sales channels
Streamline your warehouse
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    Improve efficiency and reduce picking
    errors with digital picklists
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    Quickly onboard new staff with an
    easy-to-use platform
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    Hit the ground running no matter the
    size of your business

Our bundling feature is a top reason people
choose SkuVault

“We went from producing kits at a rate of about 15 minutes a kit to about a rate of six, which is a huge difference for us. It saves us time, it saves us money, and that’s why we love SkuVault.”

“Without y’all’s functionality, I’d be chasing myself through spreadsheets and my own trust of my numbers.”

“The whole kitting feature is really, really powerful. There’s literally clients that we got just because of this.”

Learn how to increase efficiency and sales

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Create product bundles with ease

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