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Amazon Integration 

Communicate real-time inventory quantity updates including those in FBA  

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. The SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with Amazon to automatically reflect the actual physical quantities in your warehouse on your Amazon store, as well as sync your FBA inventory. The SkuVault integration will pull product data and order details from Amazon, as well as create efficient pick lists with direct routes to save you time and money.

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Advanced Reporting

Real-time inventory evaluations and transparency. We take the guesswork out of forecasting. We'll use historical data from your Amazon store and give you forecasting reports and formulas like safety stock and reorder points.

Precise Inventory Management

SkuVault provides dynamic locations for higher efficiency and space optimization for your Amazon inventory. Now you can locate any item in your warehouse in seconds which means faster picking and lower labor costs.

Fulfillment by Amazon

SkuVault tracks FBA quantities so you know where all your inventory is all the time. With our integration, you can view all your inventory in one central location. You can also run a quick report to see which SKUs you need to reorder.

Benefits of a SkuVault and Amazon Integration

The goal of SkuVault is to reflect what is actually happening in your facility with your inventory. So regardless if something gets scanned out or received in, you can relax knowing that it will be reflected on Amazon. SkuVault supports multiple locations per product, so you can eliminate physically moving products around to keep things organized to find them. One of the biggest benefits of the integration is that SkuVault can drastically reduce a company's out-of-stock percentage, which is paramount to selling on Amazon. Out of stocks lead to negative feedback, which not only loses sales, but actually affects where you rank in search results. Typically a company with 5-6% out of stocks can reduce that percentage to 0.5% or less with SkuVault's Amazon inventory management system.

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Amazon and SkuVault Integration

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