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ChannelAdvisor Integration

Pull product data and push quantities for a seamless cloud-based transfer with a Warehouse Management System integration

ChannelAdvisor is a channel management tool that helps you run your multi-channel online business. SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with ChannelAdvisor to update inventory quantities onto your marketplaces according to what is physically happening in your warehouse. SkuVault pulls all of your orders and product data to ensure that out of stocks are kept to a minimum.

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Efficient Pick List

SkuVault's efficient pick lists, as well as our Interactive Wave Picking feature, which utilize locations, means that you'll always have a pick list that takes you around your warehouse to pick in a sensible manner, which helps you to pick faster.

Eliminate Mis-ships

Full quality control features can be employed to ensure fewer mis-ships or shipping of damaged products, resulting in fewer returns and negative feedback.

Smart Reporting

Advanced reporting of our quality control allows you to see just who approved the sending out of a defective or incorrect item, allowing you to easily identify the cause of difficult customer service issues.

Benefits of a SkuVault and ChannelAdvisor Integration

One of the main benefits of the SkuVault and ChannelAdvisor warehouse management integration is the synchronization of data across all your online channels. The benefits of this feature are far-reaching, and its effects can be seen in lower out of stock percentage, increased marketplace rankings, and positive customer feedback among many other positive integration attributes.

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