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ChannelSale Integration

Reduce out of stocks with updated marketplace listings

ChannelSale is a channel management platform that streamlines listings for your multi-channel online business. SkuVault WMS integrates with ChannelSale to update inventory quantities onto your marketplaces according to what is physically happening in your warehouse. SkuVault pulls all of your orders in from ChannelSale to ensure that out of stocks are kept to a minimum.

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Automate Orders

Export orders from ChannelSale and push them into SkuVaul as an automatic transfer

Update Quantities

Anytime there's a change that affects the quantity of a SKU available for sale, that SKU's quantity is updated across all of your ChannelSale connected accounts

Increase Picking Speed

Speed up pick times and prevent human error with SkuVault's Interactive Wave Picking and barcoding features

Benefits of a SkuVault and ChannelSale Integration

One of the main features of integrating ChannelSale with a warehouse management system like SkuVault is the synchronization of product quantities across all your online sales channels. The benefits of this feature are far-reaching, and its effects can be seen in lower out of stock percentage, increased marketplace rankings, and positive customer feedback. Selling on multiple channels is essential to growth, and sharing your inventory across those channels is the only way to grow effectively and efficiently. Utilizing automation allows you to cut out the physical, manual, and perpetual re-allocation of quantities across multiple listings on multiple channels.

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SkuVault and ChannelSale Integration

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