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Duoplane Integration

A cloud-based warehouse management system that integrates with Duoplane channel management platform

Duoplane is software for dropship automation. Duoplane automates order processing, inventory syncing, tracking updates, and vendor invoicing for eCommerce merchants who ship from multiple dropship suppliers or warehouses. The integration between Duoplane and SkuVault Inventory Management System work together to with eCommerce platforms to push orders for warehoused items, send dropship orders to the appropriate supplier, and sync third-party vendor inventories with the merchant's catalog.

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Sync Sales

Sales are synced with SkuVault from Duoplane when they are completed.

Multiple Inventory Syncs

Sync your inventory from your catalog as well as from your drop shipping vendors.

Grow Your Business

Expand your business with different sales channels and platforms. Connect your entire multi-channel business with a SkuVault and Duoplane integration.

Benefits of a SkuVault and Duoplane Integration

SkuVault's integration with Duoplane allows you to share your multiple inventories across marketplaces and channels. As orders are placed in your store, Duoplane imports all orders from your ecommerce platform and splits the orders based on which supplier or warehouse will fulfill each item. Duoplane pushes orders for warehoused items to SkuVault. For items that are fulfilled by dropshippers or other third-party fulfillment partners, Duoplane routes orders to those suppliers in their required formats.

Duoplane also syncs inventory updates to your ecommerce catalog from both SkuVault and your dropship vendors. Duoplane automatically pulls current inventory from SkuVault. For other suppliers, Duoplane can either pull inventory from a hosted location, or inventory updates can be emailed to Duoplane as attachments.

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Duoplane Dropshipping Skuvault Integration

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