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eBay Integration

eBay is where the world goes to shop, sell, and give. The SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with eBay to automatically reflect the actual physical quantities in your warehouse on your eBay storefront. The SkuVault integration pulls in your orders and creates efficient pick lists to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly.

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Sync Your Inventory

SkuVault's eBay warehouse and inventory management system integration updates the quantities in your warehouse in real time to your eBay store. SkuVault works hard to reduce human error and inefficiencies so eCommerce retailers can focus on growing their business.

Improve Feedback

SkuVault can reduce your negative feedback due to out of stock products. By keeping your warehouse organized and inventory levels updated in real-time, you'll only sell the products that are actually available. With SkuVault, you can lower your out of stock percentage and increase your search rankings.

Advanced Reporting

Real-time inventory evaluations and transparency. We take the guesswork out of forecasting. Our brand and class reports give you the data you need including profit, sales total, weeks on hand, margin, turn, and more by product classifications or brands.

Benefits of a SkuVault and eBay Integration

SkuVault's eBay inventory management system gives eCommerce businesses a way to manage their back end systems and processes with a seamless integration to one of the biggest front end sales platforms. The goal of SkuVault is to reflect what is actually happening in your facility with your inventory. If something gets scanned out for any reason, that quantity is removed from eBay. Conversely, when you're receiving and putting stock into inventory locations, that additional quantity automatically gets reflected to eBay. SkuVault supports multiple locations per product, so you can eliminate physically moving products around (a non-value adding process) to keep things organized to find them. SkuVault always knows where your product is, and reduces picking times dramatically. One of the biggest benefits of the integration is that SkuVault can drastically reduce a company's out of stock percentage, which is paramount to selling on eBay. 

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