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Logicbroker Integration

Empower your brand for success with a SkuVault + Logicbroker Integration

Logicbroker allows you to send and receive EDI documents directly with SkuVault Warehouse Management System, eliminating the need to data-enter and manually process orders. 

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Modernized EDI

Proven EDI and  fulfillment integration to help companies like yours grow faster

Streamlines Processes

Streamline and automate process with a seamless Logicbroker and SkuVault integration

Easy Set-Up

Minimal configuration required. You'll be up and running in no time.

Benefits of a Logicbroker integration

 By leveraging the Logicbroker EDI platform with a direct API integration with SkuVault, you’ll be able to onboard EDI retailers quickly without the need for IT resources. Our unrivaled automation technology ensures retailer EDI compliance with no cost per-order or transactional fees. Our comprehensive pricing model helps maintain your margins while having a predictable cost each month.

 Together, SkuVault + Logicbroker will empower your brand for success.

The Logicbroker advantage:

  • Proven EDI and fulfillment integration
  • Affordable, rapid onboarding of retailers
  • Minimal configuration required
  • Seamless, API-integrated cloud-based system
  • Dedicated customer service by a team of industry experts


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