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Lokad Integration

Data solutions for supply chain optimization

Lokad develops big data solutions for commerce. Lokad turns data into profits with demand forecasting, inventory optimization, phantom inventory detection, out-of-shelf monitoring or merchandising optimization. In particular, Lokad supports SkuVault through Salescast, an inventory optimization web app tailored for online merchants and long tail sales patterns.

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Smart Forecasting

Make smart purchase decisions with Lokad predictive tools and SkuVault Warehouse Management Software sales reports

Sync Data

Lokad can automatically, or through a predetermined schedule, pull SkuVault historical data into Lokad for easy ordering

Benefits of a SkuVault and Lokad Integration

Lokad is a predictor tool that helps you project what you will sell and when.  SkuVault reports are enhanced with the Lokad integration that adds the factors of looking at trends, weather factors, etc. to make better business decisions. Lokad takes historical sales data from your business to project what you will sell at different times of the year. 

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