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Magento Integration

Complete inventory and warehouse visibility with a SkuVault and Magento eCommerce integration

Magento is an eCommerce software solution that gives you everything you need to sell online.  With a SkuVault inventory & warehouse management system integration, you can reduce out of stocks and have an overall better handle on your inventory.


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Real-time Quantity Updates

Prevent oversells with real-time quantity updates from SkuVault to your Magento platform

Advanced Reporting

Advanced sales reporting and user accountability

Reduce Errors

Human error prevention and advanced quality control options

Simplified Navigation

SkuVault extension to simplify navigation

Benefits of a Magento and SkuVault Integration

SkuVault facilitates inventory management for eCommerce retailers using Magento. SkuVault's user interface was designed to be as simple, intuitive, and to-the-point as possible, to keep warehouse workers on task and to keep human error to a minimum. Full barcoding helps prevent human error by allowing users to scan a barcode to pick, pack, and ship faster and with higher accuracy. Pull your products and map fields such as SKU, name, description, weight, price, image URLs, manufacturer, and more, into SkuVault from Magento with ease. Find out today how this integration can help streamline your warehouse processes.

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Magento and SkuVault Integration

SkuVault: Proud to be a Magento Technology Partner

As a Magento Technology Partner, SkuVault is offered as an extension to Magento's core functionality to address your company's individual inventory and warehouse needs. We're proud to have had a long lasting partner relationship with Magento and helping businesses like yours grow.

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