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Newegg Integration 

A cloud-based warehouse management system that integrates with Newegg eCommerce platform.

Newegg is an online retailer specializing in computer hardware and software. The SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with Newegg via FarApp to automatically reflect the actual physical quantities in your warehouse on your webstore. 

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Sync Your Inventory

SkuVault's integration to Newegg (via FarApp) updates the quantities in your warehouse in real time to your Newegg store.

Efficient Pick Lists

With SkuVault's integration, you will be able to pull in your Newegg orders and create efficient pick lists to save your team valuable time.

Advanced Reporting

You can expect to reduce overhead when taking advantage of the advanced, built-in reporting system that pulls your data from Newegg. No more guesswork or number crunching, we'll do the calculations for you.

Benefits of a SkuVault and Newegg Integration (via FarApp)

FarApp's Newegg integration with SkuVault's inventory management system allows eCommerce businesses a seamless platform to keep accurate inventory and sell on this huge selling platform. Our primary goal is to take away the guesswork and warehouse mishaps that occur when you branch to multiple selling platforms and move lots of product. So, regardless of whether you inventory is coming or going, being sold or being received, or spanning multiple channels, with this powerful integration, you'll never have inventory errors. What does this mean for you? Fewer out-of-stocks and oversells which means happy customers.


Newegg and SkuVault Integration

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