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Temando Integration

See your inventory from warehouse to final shipping location

Temando is a shipping software designed to help logistics and eCommerce retailers process, fulfill, and ship their orders. With a SkuVault Warehouse Management System integration, Temando users can share and update inventory and shipping data across systems in real-time. House all your data in one place so you have greater visibility into the activity of your inventory and business overall.

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Error Prevention

A SkuVault Warehouse Management Software and Temando integration works together to prevent picking and shipping errors with automated processes that would otherwise be left to human error

Customized Labels

Create and print your own custom shipping labels directly in SkuVault to deliver a more personal customer experience

Easy Product Pull

Achieve inventory visibility when you pull orders from Temando into SkuVault and push locations back into Temando from SkuVault

Benefits of a SkuVault and Temando Integration

SkuVault pulls your orders in from Temando, and then pushes real-time location updates to Temando. This allows you to print your packing slips or labels out in order by location to save steps, time, and money - or, you can use a SkuVault pick list instead should you prefer. Having orders pulled into SkuVault also allows for advanced sales reports, such as the class brand sales report, which can help you better forecast. When you integrate Temando with SkuVault you also have the ability to print your order labels from directly within SkuVault.

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SkuVault and Temando Integration

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