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Xero Integration

Track business expenses with Xero and SkuVault Warehouse Management Software

Xero is an accounting suite that helps you keep track of what goes into and what comes out of your business. Unify for SkuVault (via Webgility) integrates with Xero to reduce expenses, human error mistakes, and increase inventory visibility across platforms to give you the most efficient business possible.

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Sync Inventory

Sync inventory price and quantity, expenses, and fees across stores 

Streamline Workflows

The SkuVault and Xero integration allows users to easily add stores without changing your workflows

Automate Data

With Unify for SkuVault, your accounting is always up-to-date and accurate with automated syncing

Benefits of a SkuVault and Xero Integration

Unify for SkuVault (via Webgility) does your bookkeeping for you, allowing you to schedule and post online sales from any sales channel or SkuVault directly into Xero. Create purchase orders in SkuVault and see them reflected in Xero. This process eliminates manual data entry which can lead to human error. Add a direct connection to your Amazon or eBay account and close the loop on your financial accounting by recording fees and expenses in Xero for easy, complete reconciliation.

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