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Zentail Integration

Sync your inventory to all of your favorite marketplaces

Zentail seamlessly integrates with SkuVault to offer a simple yet powerful inventory and order management platform to centralize and automate your multi-channel operations. Like SkuVault, Zentail was founded by multi-channel merchants and technologists who understand the pain points and nuances of online retail.

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Sync Inventory Data

Effortlessly sync inventory, catalog, and order data between your channels and SkuVault

Sell Everywhere

With an automated and up-to-date channel management integration, sell on every marketplace to have your products seen by all

Hands-on Training

Learn how to implement this easy-to-use integration with Zentail and SkuVault's dedicated training team

Benefits of a SkuVault and Zentail Integration

Zentail automatically imports your SkuVault catalog and inventory, allowing you to manage your catalog across all of your sales channels from one beautiful interface. Zentail optimizes your listings by alerting you when critical data is missing and preventing SKUs from being listed on specific channels. When orders are received on one channel, available inventory on all other channels is decremented, and your SkuVault account is instantly updated. Collaboratively and proactively manage orders within Zentail with commenting and alerts to ensure customers receive a consistently high level of service.

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Zentail Software

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